The Perfect Winter Boot(s)

Let’s be real, I live in Chicago & temps are currently in the negative. Boots are a MUST. But also since I am a city gal, the walking I do a day outside sometimes is up to 4 miles. (I walk to & from work) therefore I needed a boot that was warm, light weight, & was as much cruelty free as possible. Such a faux fur & let’s not forget…. cute!

I hopped on the web & seen Sorel had been one of the leading brands that use “faux fur” & and talking about how animal friendly their boots are. Then I seen the boots selection & I was like “SOLD….to the girl with the long black hair 🙋🏻‍♀️”

More like reeeallly sold to my dad since he bought them for me for Christmas. 🤷🏻‍♀️ He even was shocked how light they were, & everyone was like “whoa those are super cute” (as I modeled them on Christmas Day with pure excitement!) I mean c’mon y’all…. just because it’s winter doesn’t mean our fashion has to be completely thrown out the door. These are by far my favorite boots I have ever owned!!!

For one I don’t get blisters on the back on my ankles because the boots are so clunky & heavy. They are insanely easy to put on, unlike some other ones I own…. 😒 & they truly are a decent price compared to some. Even my dad said when I told him “I have a pair that looks just like these but we’re like 40 bucks from Target but at times my toes would get cold” he responded “no I have a pair I bought myself that were like 250, you have to spend that in order to get a good quality boot” WELLLLLL JEEZE why can’t every man think like that 🙊🙊🙊 but these bad boys are ONLY 130 bucks!!!! That’s right, you read right!!! Check them out. Link is below. Also to “me” these fit true to size.

Sorel Boot Link

******NOW if 130 bucks just isn’t a price you want to spend…. I GOT YOU! Here are a knock off version from Target. They are 38 bucks and look nearly the same. Check out my link below. 🖤

Target Similar Boot

Y’all can decide which is more for you. I currently have both. But I wear my Sorel ones for severe weather days.

Hope this helps all You stellar babes 🖤✨

Sincerely the girl who’s sad she had to take the bus for the past 2 weeks instead of walk to work because temps are -15 degrees out 🤷🏻‍♀️🙍🏻‍♀️

Xo Meg


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