Let’s get festive AF in the city.

So your Chicago blogger over hurrr who’s obsessed with everything city… & Christmas here to report some fun activities you should attend to before the season is OVAAAA!

First of all… if you haven’t been to the Chris Kindle Market, add that to your places to stop by. YESSSSS it’s going to be cold. YESSSS it’s going to be crowded, but I still feel it’s totally worth it. We went, we conquered, we drank hot chocolate. & guess what we survived, & survived un-annoyed. I was such a happy girl walking through the market checking all the items out while drinking hot chocolate out of the souvenir cup!!

Items I totally bought. Sock monkey thigh high socks. Oh yes! I can’t wait to rock those. I believe the husband is going to be a big fan. Sock monkey ear muffs. Lord can I just say these can also be used to block out sound? I’m an ear muffs gal, & the current leopard ones I have…. biggest pet peeve, on windy days they blow off my head!!! Well not these new bad boys. Basically sound proof and wind proof. Majorly obsessed. Then last but not least A BLANKET SCARF 🧣

*****mind you the place is mainly CASH only. So bring that and just enjoy your time.


HEN most def…. HIT up Millennium Park. Check that tree out! Take the tourist pics at the Bean, & if you're feeling daring… put the skates on. Best part this is all free. Not sure about the ice skating part, but the other stuff most def. Make your memories.

YUS. Hit up Michigan Ave. Take it all in. The crowds. The views. The different types of big Christmas trees everywhere. The lights. The windows. The decor. & most of all the food. Grand Lux Cafe is my fav. Yes there will be a wait. But for YUMMY food, & on the cheaper side… “🙌🏼”

These have been such GREAT, bucket list, festive, weekends that I have been CRAVING!!!! I didn’t care how bundled I looked in all these photos (for some photos added so much extra weight I don’t have 😒) but I don’t care. These pics are pure happiness pouring from this city chick, & I have been gleaming sharing it with people that mean the most. Get out. Get festive. There are so many things to do it’s insane. Literally you don’t need a schedule or lists of things to do. The best part about the city is there’s soooooo much to do that you’ll run right into it. Grab a show to see, hit up the best restaurants. Go for drinks at some of the coolest bars. Attend festive bar crawls. Hit up a trolley. Catch the holiday train. Get out, experience the city life. It’s magical.

Sincerely the girl who got “cheersed” to her hot chocolate by a random bystander walking past with his hot chocolate.

Xo Meg


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