I’m Baaaack…

As I sit here on my couch during a massive thunderstrom, which by the way has me soooooo happy. This fall loving chick completely digs the cold, cloudy, rainy fall weather. Why everyone is all “where’s the sun?” On those sunny days I’m over here like “another glorious morning…. it makes me sick!” Bring on the fallllllll dayzzzzz. Sunny days are for my spring & summer months. & boy this summer exhausted me! I for once…. had an amazing, adventurous –  summer filled with travel, family, friends, & my city. But now I’m ready to hibernate from the world. Balance ya know. 🤷🏻‍♀️


I see it’s been MONTHS since I have last written a post, & that’s because of what I stated above. I was too busy living, & loving life. But I’m back. & I feel I’m back with a much clearer mind. Social media can get the best of us. Sometimes you need to step back to see what you actually want out of life & not what’s being thrown in your face 24/7! 

Now I have a few new obsessions to share with y’all and my vision/plan I want to change my Instagram & blogging into. I have this problem where I become obsessive with topics and end up burning myself out. So here’s where I’d like to change that. I’m turning, have turned  my IG into a lifestyle one. Filled with my home, home decor, food posts, my city, fashion & life. Just whatever the heck I want, because that’s currently where my heart is at. I think some of y’all have actually seen my change from straight fashion, to all types of “lifestyle posts” & noticed how I was very distant from the game for awhile. So if you like where my new theme/content has been going, WONDERFUL! 

Basically, I got sick of seeing the Instagram scene as a competitive field where people were only worried about engagement. LIKES, COMMENTS, CONTENT, FOLLOWERS!!! I just don’t care about that anymore, & it’s really a very freeing feeling of not making Instagram a strategic game, & just having it as my creative outlet. So I would love to start sharing my easy nightly meals I make, my home decor, my fashion, just life. And here’s the BIG one… guys…. something changed in me. I went from “Nope!! I don’t want kids!!!! To BABY FEVER!” Over night. Like a switch turned on and now my poor husband has to hear about that 24/7.  So when that actually happens… I def would love to post about Mommy stuff. I think that would totes be up my alley. Now that won’t be happening for some time still. But thought it would be fun to share where I have been with my life. 

If you have any topics y’all would love me to talk on, DM yo girl!!!! 
Xo Meg 


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