Thee must have Sweatshirt

Style is important to me. But better yet… comfortable style is even more important to me. This girl can rock a sweatshirt everyday, & be the happiest, most confident girl in the world. Not a hoodie. But a plain old sweatshirt. They are my FAV!!! & my new obsession has been September New York Apparel. Pictured above I am rocking a women’s Medium. I like my sweatshirts on the big side. 😘🤷🏻‍♀️ 

Their simple style of a black, or grey sweatshirt/ T-shirt with the date of your choosing on it. I mean how can you go wrong? Better yet, their mission is what I stand for. When it comes to buying things, I love to support small business, people wanting to make the world a better place, & charity. Don’t believe me? Every time I buy dog treats, I buy the dog treats that “every bag bought proceeds go to animal shelters” mmmhhmmmmm….!!!  Anyhow, 5% of each sale goes to cancer research, via American Cancer Society! So now tell me why you don’t want to buy this sweatshirt, or T-shirt?  ALSO. They have now given me a code to share with y’all to buy the sweatshirt for 20% off!!! Ahhh now time to shop. 

Use  this code for your September New York Apparel choice of clothing. “MEGAN20” 

September New York Apparel

Sincerely, the forever 90’s baby. 

Xo Meg 


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