Why you should cherish your girlfriends. 


This weekend was one I will never forget. For one the weather was perfect, but more importantly my company all weekend was a dream. There is nothing better than being surrounded with friends & family who are nothing but great energy, supportive, & a good a$$ time! I have been blogging for about two years now. But the first year of blogging wasn’t much. I maybe made 5 posts and it was all about home decor. But something changed in me this year. It’s like I found my niche, and realized exactly who I am, & who I want to surround myself with. From my past few posts, I have never received so much positive feedback!!!!! The smile that was put on my face from all of you…… yeah, it’s still there. While at two parties this weekend women were just coming up to me talking about my blog, makeup videos, etc and how much they LOVE them. I was floored by the responses and finally just felt like yesssssssss!!!! My husband and sister started laughing and making fun of me when they heard a girl say “I love your blog, I feel the same way about social media, you’re very inspirational!” I naturally thank her a baaaazillon times and turn around all (😁😁😁😁😁🤗🤗🤗) and my sister & husband jokingly go “ohhhh you’re so inspirational!!!!” And my response “yes I want to change the world!” I mean that whole heartily!!!! I can’t THANK YOU ALL ENOUGH for the amount of encouragement, responses, the SHARES!!! You are the reason I am putting myself out there and I’m so over the moon to know people are enjoying me, being ME! 


✨So here’s my advice to y’all. Decide to go for it. & leave whatever doesn’t bring you butterflies. ✨

In the mix of finding myself this year, & more importantly my voice, I have lost people who use to be sooooooo close to me. But the ones who remain, and decided to cheer me on. Have always been my number ones from way back when. So this post is for y’all. 

  • Thank you! Thank you for reading my 2926383 texts in a row when I become upset over something and I need to vent. 
  • Thank you for allowing me to be petty, and realizing it’s not who I am, I was just having a moment. & realizing everyone is able to have a moment. 
  • Thank you for answering my phone calls when I was in tears over something. 
  • Thank you for sticking by my side this entire journey and loving all my crazziness and over the top personality. 
  • Thank you for realizing I never changed and maybe it’s a factor of everyone changing. 
  • Thank you for doing nothing but rooting me on. 
  • Thank you for texting me jokes so I don’t cry while sitting in my work cubicle. 
  • Thank you for never, ever judging me. 
  • Thank you for staying you. 
  • Thank you for listening to me. 
  • Thank you for still being here. 

See I’m a girls, girl. I adore every single one of my friendships and realize those are some of the most important things to me. As SEX AND THE CITY quotes…. 

Maybe our girlfriends are our soul mates and men are just people to have fun with?


I honestly believe that. As I drunkly danced with my best friend to Celin Dion over the weekend, (crying once again, someone help my emotional a$$) I just could not get over how much my girlfriends mean to me, & the absolute AMAZING memories we have made. It made me think back to my bachelorette party which still, is hands down, the best trip I have ever had because of those girls! We laughed so hard we cried about 936383 that trip. We danced our youth away, drank like fish, and swore like sailors. They gave me memories I’ll never forget and it hit me, how do some girls not want this? You don’t need a lot of friends. But a few close genuine ones, those change your life for the better. 


Your girlfriends are the people you tell everything too. They are your biggest supporters when you decide to go for it. They are your strength when you find out your man is cheating on you. They are your war mate when they hear someone talking ill of you. & realize they are more like a sister than simply a friend….when it comes to the life long friendship you will have with every up & down on the way. 

I have always watched “Sex & The City” which such big eyes. I loved how they all had their own thing going on. Brunched like crazy. Lived in the city, lived for fashion. And always remained independent to themselves. But most importantly, no matter what, were always there for each other. Never caddy, never jealous, and when one upset the other, they were easily able to talk it out. That’s the thing nowadays. Our lives are all over social media, & with me choosing to blog about mine. You will welcome in opinions from everyone. 🤷🏻‍♀️ That’s when things can get a little on the messy side. But to the friends who support, love, & cheer you on regardless when you decided to live your life. Y’all are the real MVP’s. 

So a big mushy hug from your girl thanking my girlfriends for being who you are. Loving me for being who I am. Sticking with me through it all. And never leaving. 

Take the time to find who you are. Stop worrying about what people will think and who will leave you for it. If people leave it’s because they wanted too. Don’t live your life chasing people for their approval. To fit in, or the fear of FOMO. Because when you finally find yourself, you’ll realize you won’t worry about their opinions anymore. & you’ll notice the ones who stayed…Those are the ride or dies. #rideordie Life isn’t easy. But keep your friendships close. Celebrate their wins. Celebrate them. Celebrate each other. My friends have helped me more then they will ever know. I don’t know where I’d be without them to be fair. They have done nothing but bring me a life of hilarious memories. That’s what I want in life. A happy life filled with family, & friends who just get me. Find those friends, keep those friends and after reading this post. Text them, call them, whatever, & tell them what they mean to you. 

Sincerely the girl whose favorite thing use to be prank calling with her friends at sleepovers.
Xo Meg 

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