It’s okay. 

You know what? It’s okay. It’s going to be okay, & you’re okay. Most days I just need to hear that from someone. Surely it’s always best to hear that from my Mamma “Meggie, it’s all going to be okay! Trust Mommy” But today I’m hear to tell this to anyone who needs to hear that. 

I have been flooded with questions, statements, remarks, etc. about feeling a certain way lately and not liking it, or feeling stuck. & you know what??? IT’S OKAY TO FEEL THAT WAY. I hate hearing people tell me or other people “Well Megan just has a perfect life so she wouldn’t understand” Laughable. I have been there. I will be there again. I know first hand what it feels like to want something soooo bad & not get it. To work my bunzzz off and not make it.  To try so hard for someone and not get the same in return. I get it. But just because I have some wins, doesn’t mean I didn’t fall 87262 times first. As much as I’m so in love with my life. I never want anyone to envy my life. Anything can change in a minute, but as I have said a gazillion times. If you’re not happy, work like hell to put yourself where you need to be, to feel happy. Being happy comes from within. First work on yourself. Because if you’re not happy, you surely won’t make anyone else happy. But again it’s okay to not feel happy 24/7. If you need a day of pouting. Take it. But wake up the next determined to set your goals on fire. That’s life. It’s called balance. There is nothing wrong with being over the top, and the next day feeling like you have no idea what you want anymore. I mean does anyone really know the answer? Or are we all here pressing 826 buttons to hopefully get the right mixture? 

I need you all to know this. It’s okay if it hasn’t happened to you yet. That doesn’t mean it won’t happen for you. Life has a really weird way of setting us up on a plan. Just trust in it. But work everyday on the direction you want it to go and things will come your way. So many times I have felt pure defeat. I didn’t get why that happened to me. And then sure as $h*t something better came along down the road and it made me all “ahhhhhh so that’s why!!”  I know that’s cliche, but I promise you, “things have a funny way of working out” 

I hate how this new generation has put a timeline on everything. That people have to think there is something wrong with them if they aren’t married by 25, kids by 30, a career making tons of money by 26, & the list goes on. Lord have mercy! Why do we allow the media to let us feel like failures if we are 30 and not married? If we are 25 and have zero clue what we want to do with our lives? It’s crazy how we are almost raised into thinking we have to rush to grow up, and be on the same timeline as someone else. Nonsense. Just because Susie Carmichael is successful at 25 with a BMW, & a 3 carrot ring on her finger does not mean there is anything wrong with you who is choosing to go back to school at 25, lives in a studio, & are currently single. There is also nothing wrong with Susie that it’s happening for her. That’s our problem as a society. We always make people feel there is something wrong with them for not having things we have in life. As I say we, I mean social media. It’s thrown in our face through every outlet. You know exactly what I am talking about…. all the photos of people living lavish lifestyles and we are here to think “how did they get that, why don’t I have that, am I doing something wrong?” 

Noooooo, don’t allow social media or anyone into pressuring you into thinking you’re not on the right path, or something is wrong because you aren’t married yet. We are all driving down the “growing up road” together but not everyone is driving at the same speed. It’s also okay to pass people up, or hop in the next lane. Life is not meant to be steered one way. Let it take you where it takes you. But never lose sight of your own hopes & dreams. Don’t lose track of those original wants by seeing what someone else is doing and feeling the need to change. I mean unless that’s what you want, but don’t feel it’s what you HAVE to do to be successful. 

It truly bothers me when people I know are upset because they think something is wrong with them because they don’t have certain things yet. It’s like I feel their pain for them. & all I can do is offer some sweet words. Most of the time I wish they would view themselves how I see them. But easier said than done. I’m also sure my husband  would tell me I should do he same when he compliments me. But hey… I don’t take compliments well 🤦🏻‍♀️🤷🏻‍♀️ It’s hard when we see other people happy with something we want. The questions flood to our brain…why hasn’t that’s happened to me? What am I doing wrong? Here’s the truth. There is nothing wrong with you. Not a darn thing. Frankly there is something wrong with the man who dumped you, the teacher you doubted you, or job that passed you up. Their loss. Not yours. Just don’t allow the world to win. This life is a competitive joke. Why are we rushing to grow up? Why are we competing with people we don’t know on social media? Why do we care to impress people we don’t see often. Because social media has made us feel we are meant too. But it’s okay. It’s okay on both sides. If things are happening for you. Don’t you dare let anyone make you feel bad about that!!!!! Girls and boys you gleam with pride for what you earned. Never apologize for winning when you WORKED for it.  & as I stated if it hasn’t happened “yet” then know it WILL! I know some will eyeroll “coming from the girl whose had it easy her whole life” NOT TRUE. Maybe I just have a better outloook on life to fight through all my struggles. I don’t ever want life to win. I want to take life by the horns and ride it exactly how I envision it. Not through someone else’s idea of a life. I want it my way. (Okay maybe my husbands way too since we are married & all. Took those vows to become one) But in the end, I’m choosing the speed, the map, the passenger amount, the radio song. Because when it comes down to it….it’s all you got. Stop letting  the world make you feel incompetent.  Everything is meant to either hold you back, take your money, or make you feel you should stay in line. Remember you are magic, you are unique, you are strong, beautiful, & you like to color outside of the lines at times. Just because they want us to see only black & white, don’t feel bad for seeing life in color. When people don’t understand your goals, your wants, your enormous big dreams, they won’t understand you. But that’s OKAY. Keep to your plan. Or maybe today is the day you make a new one. Whatever it is. Work hard. & forget what’s the norm. Who likes being that anyhow? 

Sincerely the girl who always had the 64 crayon box vs the 24 that was listed on the school supply sheet because she always liked to be extra 💁🏻 

Xo Meg 


  1. She’s got words, and she knows how to use em!!!! Nailed it Meg!! Definitely made me rethink some personal things💋💋💋 keep being inspiring! It’s people like you that will make this world a better place🌎💞 Wuv you xoxo

    Liked by 1 person

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