Why you need to vacation alone with your significant other! 

Oh bud, why are you my favorite person to be next to 24/7? No really guys. I cried to him (drunkenly 😩) in Key West about how we have to go back home, and back to the reality of Matt being at work…… all day. EVERY day. Like I stated before my mans doesn’t get a guarantee two days off of work each week. I am lucky if he gets a day off every three weeks. & usually that day falls on a Tuesday, with zero knowledge of that until the day before. That also means this lil Mamma has work, that day, & the next. Like ew it’s a Tuesday, which means “school night” for this girl, which means no I don’t want to drink. I want to eat fried spaghetti, sit in my sweats, & watch Real Housewives. 🤷🏻‍♀️ But that also means on his day off he will just wanna SLEEP! Chaaaa feels my problem? 

So here we have it. Why iiiiiii feel vacationing ALONE with your partner is a MUST!!!! There are vacations to have when you go with a big group, (Vegas) or ones you take your kids with, (Disney World) but then comes the adult ones you need to have just with each other. I call these ones, the ones that make you “re-fall in love with each other!! 😍😘🤗❤️” OH! How I am a sucker for LOOOOOVE! I love, love. Simple. But…What I mean by re-falling in love is…. obviously I’m obsessed with my hubby alllllll the time. But re-falling in love is when you can’t stop flirting on the plane ride home. He’s steadily winking at you from the other side of the table at dinner because you brought that A game with your outfit choice. It’s the “sorry I can’t stop pinching your butt” “why are you so cute?” “Let’s go grind on the dance floor like it’s a mixer back in 2003.” 

Let’s be honest. Love is work. & marriage is not for the weak. I find marriage to be one of the best things ever!!! Truly. But man will the other person test your patience. Make you cry at times. Have you literally like “why Lord, why did you choose him for me? 🤔🤔” It’s dealing with every HIGH & every LOW with each other. & it’s easy & fun when it’s a smooth ride. But now let’s add in all the bumps, the breakdowns, the absolutely down pour your marriage/ relationship, will have. Nothing in life worth having comes easy. That’s why my husband is soooo lucky I live by that quote. 😏 

Therefore, those butterflies (why I hope they are still there for one another) will be less likely to come by when you can’t stop arguing over why he won’t take the trash out. Why your makeup is all over the bathroom counter top. Why he decided not to change the toilet paper roll….yet leave it on the counter, with the finished roll still on the holder. (😒) Why you’re the only one who cooks or cleans. Why work sucked today. Why your friend made you mad. It’s the constant daily stresses that are always brought into your everyday relationship with one another. It’s “no it’s your turn to change his/her diaper” “no you let the dogs out” “no I paid last time”  

That’s the problem. We literally need to just stop sometimes and enjoy one another. Remember what it felt like when he first decided to pick you up on your first date. How you got really nervous before seeing them. Hoping you might hold hands or kiss tonight. It took my husband 5 dates to kiss me yall. 5!!!!!!!!!  & legit right before he went in for the kill I said “are you going to kiss me right now?!?!” (Anyhow 😂) Going on vacation with your significant other allows for you to just be yourselves. It reminds you to go ahead and drink a little bit too much a blurt out stuff that they do you still find cute. Get away from everything & everyone who stresses you out and remember who you guys were to each other in the beginning of the relationship that made it so “fun!!!” 

Having kids, that’s fabulous. But not every vacation should be with them. Remember it was you two who started it. Take that time to just be with each other, & not sleeping in bed with your toddlers foot in your face. I mean I nearly had a mental break down leaving H & B before we left. I started to close our condo door and I seen Bubby’s little dark eyes peer over like “I love you, where are you going?” But I knew we needed a vacation just with each other. Not a vacation where we jam the dogs in a car and hit the road for hours while fussing because Bubby feels he should be riding captain and Hailey drooling on my shoulder. 

For real y’all…listen to what I had to deal with today. I get home from work, Matthew has a show to work tonight, so that means he is is not home. I let Hailey out on the balcony, because she is sitting at he door like “please mom?” NOW…… Matthew had just let her out before he left for work. So maybe an hour ago,  I Sh*t you not. I walk onto the balcony because it’s surprisenly 85 degrees out in Chicago. And low & behold…. I see Hailey basking in the sun, a turd stuck to her butt, turds on the balcony that seem to be scattered, 🤦🏻‍♀️ & as I assumed…. she flung a turd onto the below person’s balcony!!!!!!! Why can’t I have good dogs, who aren’t insanely gross? Now here is my biggest dilemma on a Tuesday night. Do I play that turd off and maybe they will think it’s the neighbors, maybe a birds? (No it’s kinda too big for that) (maybe it fell from their kids diaper?)  Or do I do what I feel is right? So I head down and here I am with toilet paper in my hand. Mind you before I even knock I already I hear their kid screaming bloody murder. 🙎🏻 awesome. Set up for success. & here I go in with 

Hello, nice to meet you. I know this seems reaaaaaly awkward but my dog is gross, shit on the balcony, and a piece fell onto yours. May I clean that up?” 

I mean do you see why a vacation with your partner alone is a must? Go be sexy with them. Wear your hair how they like it. Dress to impress so they can’t keep their eyes off you. Tell each other dirty jokes. Swing on a hammock & smoke Cuban cigars talking about life. (So did that and it was magical) GO AND HAVE THAT UNINTERRUPITED time with JUST the TWO OF YOU!!!! Focus all your attention for once….on each other. 

When Matthew sees me at home. He sadly gets to see me at my worst. I’m not a girl who gets dolled up all day. I leave that for the weekends. (****If I have plans) but he gets to see me waking up in the morning with my hair all types of “ahhhhh” the morning breath (🤢) the ugly a$$ pajamas that don’t match, have holes in them, are like 5 sizes too big, & filled with old stains. So take this advice however you want it. But really treat yourselves to a vacation together. Go make memories. Laugh so hard you cry. Kiss all day long. Tell them they look good. Go eat really good food together, and dance like no one’s watching. These will be  the moments to look back on. & these will be the moments that hold y’all together when life just isn’t being fair. As we grow up people take up more of our time. Don’t forget why you started this whole thing. You started it with each other. Finish it with each other. But in between  keep re-falling in love with one another. Be each other’s best friend. Don’t forget to really, straight up, just like each other!

Sincerely the girl who didn’t have to pick up my dog’s flung turd because the man had a dog once who did the same thing. (Very nice…high five) 

Xo Meg 


  1. Way to go on keeping the love AND laughs going! We always vacation by ourselves & bask in the reality how lucky we are to have each other & accept the good, bad & ugly. You’re right! Focusing solely on each other let’s you enjoy & fall in love all over again. Handsome & I have been together for 28 years & we still laugh it up all the time! Our poor boys probably think mommy & daddy are NUTS!!! 😜 Before his mother passed away, she would always ask us if things have stopped being funny yet and I would say “Ahhh…NO!!!!” It was very early in our relationship (true love, I’m pretty sure) & I knew he would still keep me around after I chased his donut across the gas station parking lot & didn’t tell him til later that night! 🍩 It still brings me to tears (laughing out loud, might I add) thinking how I knew I better get my ass moving & pick up that damn donut before he saw what was happening! He was a little annoyed later and all I could think of was to say “What??!?! Atleast, I kept watching you all day to make sure you were ok before I told you!” 😝 Even when I fall down cuz the MS reared its ugly head, I lay there laughing thinking how ridiculous I must’ve looked & Wade’s like “Can’t you just be quiet & get up???” It’s those funny, sometimes serious moments, that will keep you together and realize how much you truly love each other & can’t imagine being separated. Getting older & realizing I’ve spent half my life with this amazing man, it’s hard to ever imagine that our life together could be taken away at any time. Laughter, love & tears will conquer all in a good marriage ❤️😂💗 I truly love to read your stories & am grateful you share them with all of us, whether we’ve never actually met or they’re your closest family & friends…Thanks & Hugs to You! 🤗💛🌷💙💐

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    • Hahahahaha omg I am laughing way too hard at that!!!!! That is soooo great. That is what love & life is about. Being each other’s best friend. & learning to laugh through all life’s struggles together. But treat each other when you can!!! Thank you so so so so much for this AWESOME comment!!! So happy for you & your love. Love is just the best thing ever! Haha hugs on hugs on hugs back to ya!!!!! 🤗😘🤗😘❤️✨👙✈️


  2. Aww, you guys are so cute together! It looks like you guys had a lot of fun. The place looks so beautiful and relaxing, it’d be amazing to spend an entire summer there. I loveee the photography by the way!

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