To My Mamma 

Hey Mamma, 

Let me start out with saying Happy Mother’s Day to all the greats Mamma’s out there! Today is for you ❤️

I felt a blog post was most necessary because you deserve all the recognition in the world. It’s crazy that I am 26 years old and to this day you’re still the one I’m calling when I’m upset, confused, or bothered by something, really just anything. I just know “My Mamma will know what to say or do” I also know she won’t answer the first call cause usually she’s busy doing something in the house, so I immediately call a second time and she’ll pick up. 🙊 If y’all haven’t figured out yet. I’m a HUGE Mamma’s girl. (Shocker I know 🤷🏻‍♀️) Ahhhh my poor husband. Ya know because it should be him I turn to first, but isn’t it crazy that to this day when someone asks for an emergency contact…. my first thought is “oh my Mom!!” But then I’m like yikes Megan if the husband found that out…. 😂😂😂 (sorry bud) it’s just she will ALWAYS know what’s best for me. What I am going to need, and what I will like/want. There’s a connection I have with her that’s unbreakable, & like no connection I have with anyone else. Literally a part of my heart is straight up connected to her. 

It’s funny, she would always say to me “when something hurts you, it’s hurts me too” she always told us how she feels our pain, but probably more so on her part, because she wants to fix everything for us and sometimes she just couldn’t. That’s the thing. You moms take on so much more than anyone else in the family. You’re the glue, you’re always the missing puzzle piece, you’re simply everything to everyone ALL THE TIME! You always come second to yourself, & are forever lying how “oh no, you can have that last donut, no worries I didn’t want it” even though you knew damn well you wanted it!!!! It’s simple stuff like that, that makes you our hero. One time my mom told me something I will never forget…. “I will eat shit for the rest of my life, as long as my kids are happy!” & what did my mom get in return? Most likely  spoiled brat kids at times cause we’re mad at her because we couldn’t get or do something. Or my moms favorite…. getting mad at my mom for something that has NOTHING to do with her, because let’s be honest, everyone takes everything out on mom. (I now get that when my husband can’t find his keys or something… good lord 🙄) & through all of this…. even though I am no “real mom” (but totes am in H & B’s eyes) I get it at times. I think if anything were to happen to my dogs, I would legit turn into the Hulk. I stay home all the time cause I feel bad leaving them home alone after being at work all day. I hang off the bed almost every night because… long as they are comfortable, I’m happy. I even sometimes just stare at them when they are playing and a huge smile comes over my face cause I know they’re happy & that’s all I ever want. & those are my dogs!!!! My mom had 5 of us to take care of 24/7 because lets be honest dad (all you men) sometimes you’re the most needy at times. & she NEVER once complained. NEVER Made us feel bad about something she couldn’t get or do because of us. Do y’all even know how many times we would break something of my moms she just LOVED?!? “This is why I can’t have nice things!” We have all heard it. I would throw TANTRUMS about my mom leaving the house to go to dinner or a party with my dad, I mean scream & cry. I once legit hid in the car so I’d magically just show up with them. But was forced out due to it got waaaay to hot in the van before my mom got in there. (I swear I need help 🤦🏻‍♀️) but the reason for these huge blows up were simply because my mom made me feel safe & secure all the time. Without her around I didn’t like the feeling in the house. I needed her to be near me and I always knew “everything will be okay” 

Pictured above are 4 kids who are loved beyond means. & raised as best friends by choice. & HAPPY!!!!! That’s what my mom did. She always tells me “if I could go back to any time, it would be when you guys were little” she says that was her in her element. I nearly gag at the thought of raising 4 kids. But goes to show you what a super hero my mom is. 

Our childhood….. this is something I can’t thank my mom enough for. I legit feel so sorry & sad for kids who weren’t raised with a mom who loved being a mom so much!!!! It becomes clear to you when you start venturing out into the world like “wow so many people were just not as fortunate to have an upbringing like I did” none of that is to make someone feel bad. It just becomes apparent that I should be extra grateful that I was raised how I was raised!! My mom took pride in being a mom and made it her mission to gives us a childhood filled with memories on memories. 

Let’s start of with summer time as a kid. 🍉🍓🍇☀️🌿🍃🌻

First of all it always smelled of watermelon, scented summer candles. My parents made sure we had a pool. So when I think of summer I think of all of us swimming every single day with more pool rafts we could want. There’s this memory I have as a kid of waking up everyday just throwing on my swimsuit and walking out the front door, up the driveway, and into the pool. On repeat. Summer time was catching fireflies, drive in movies, watching Disney movies (James & the Giant peach) during bad storms in the downstairs as my mom looked out the window talking to my Aunt Kathy. It was family parties, playing with our friends from sun up, to sun down. It was breakfast, lunch, dinner, dessert, & snacks. Usually served on our picnic table in the back yard. It was my mom that let all my friends play inside & never forced us to be outside cause they didn’t want a messy house. She was the cool mom who never told us we couldn’t have candy because it’s bad for you. Her philosophy was “leave it out for the kids to have. Because when it’s always there, they wont feel the need to freak out and over indulged at other people’s houses where it was allowed” which was so damn true. Because we could always have it. We never cared when it was sitting in front of our faces at others people’s houses. Take notes parents. 

Fall 🍂🍁🍂🍁🎃👻

I think of scented candles that filled the entire house of pumpkin spice. I think of this cd which we all have…. I believe it’s called “A winter’s Morgue???” That would start playing at 8 am that would fill the house on the weekends, which meant….fall is upon us. I think of the capes she made us so we could play Witches when Halloween Town came on. I think of the entire house decked out in Halloween decor. This was my moms favorite time of the year. She made sure we experienced and took it all in at one of the most magical times of the year. I think of fall jackets, playing in the leaves. 13 nights of Halloween. I think of the monster mash. Witches, vampires, wearwolves. When I think of fall, I think of my mom. I see her going “under the house” and pulling out all the Halloween decorations, & me & Kelly just helping her out. 

Winter ❄️☃️❄️🎅🏻🤶🏻

Now this is where I feel my Mamma shined. For this is my FAVORITE time of the year. I think of evergreen smelling candles. I can still smell the scent of all our chrimsas decorations. Crazy. I think of all the massive decoration they displayed. I think of white Christmas lights on all the bushes & Kelly & I complaining “why can we have colored lights like the neighbor????” Tell me why now I only have white lights outside!!! & colored in the insides how my mom had it. I think of all the classic Christmas movies like Rudolph, Frosty the Snowman, The Sanata Clause, we had on repeat. I think of playing in the snow, even if it took my mom 40 mins to get us ready to only be out there for 10. I think of sledding. I think of big warm meals that smelled the house up, right when you opened the door!! I think of Kelly & I saying “please Sanata Clause get me that for Christmas” during EVERY toy commercial. 🙈🙊.  I think of Christmas music and every magical moment made possible, because that’s all my mom brought to our house during that time. 

Spring time 🐛🐞🌷🌸🌺💐

I think of finally my mom is opening up all the windows cause she can’t be locked up anymore. I can hear her saying “no, this is the weather you should be expecting now!!!” I think of her birthday, Mother’s Day day, her preparing to open the pool. I picture all the flowers she’s going to start planting. Trips to menards, Home Depot, & new patio furniture. I picture school almost being over for us to be able to be in the pool all day long. & hearing my mom say “it’s almost over, you’re almost there, I know you’re burnt out.” 

You see my mom wasn’t just a mom. She’s our entire heart. She’s my memory. She’s my favorite person in the whole world. She’s everything in a mom anyone could want. When I picture my mom I always picture her straight out of the shower. No makeup, hair combed backed. In her pink romper robe thing she’d always rock. That’s how I envision her. She’s the most incredible person I have ever met, & she’s raised me to be one hell of person. I love you Mamma. & I hope you realize we’d all be nothing without you. So thank you for giving us something money could never buy. You gave us a life full of memories, happiness, & unconditional love (no matter how mad we have made you) 

Sincerely the biggest mamma’s girl in the entire world.

Xo Meg 


  1. It’s all true. I was around to see it and always welcome to experience it. My sister-in-law is a wonderful mother. We are all better because she is in our lives. XO

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