Lip Liner Home Made VIDEO. 

Hey y’all! 
Thanks for being patient! The time has come and I made my very first VERY HOME-MADE Lip liner Makeup tutorial video. As I become more confident and tech savvy I will most definitely be giving y’all better quality videos. But here’s something I whipped up for you today. I legit made my husband lock himself in the bedroom with the dogs, tv volume on 20, door shut, and a towel under the door so he wouldn’t hear me. 😩😩😩 all I needed was for him to laugh while tapping this. 

So here we are my it Cosmetics Lip tutorial. 

Color Romantic Rose

Bare Minerals “Infamous” (watch the blooper video on that) 

Let me know what y’all think. (Please be nice) & KEEP THE QUESTIONS COMING! 

***I promise I won’t look down as much in the next videos and 😘😘😘😘

​  ​

I have so much more to share and actually had a blast doing this today. Obviously HAD to laugh at myself too. 🙄🙄😭 

Sincerely, the girl who needs hooked on phonics, 

Xo Meg 

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