To my absolute BEAUTIFUL & HANDSOME readers this post is for you. 

We all remember how I was utterly obsessed with home decor. Lord have mercy. Thank you all for still sticking around. & as it may seem like “What is she obsessing with now? Fashion, makeup? Can she just stick to something?” I hope you know this has never been a spur of the moment obsession with me like home decor was. This has forever been my passion, and something I excel extremely well at. Some people are great at math, technology, drawing. Me. I’m great with people, and I have an eye for all things beauty. My Instagram was formerly known as Decor S’more, and back late Novemeber I decided I needed to separate myself from that world. It was just not me and I knew that because I found myself growing bored, annoyed, & self conscious, in everything I was posting. One day I woke up and realized I needed a change and “spur of the moment” I started a whole new Instagram account. And as some of you know, it’s called @megannoelreilly

YES! Right then and there I freed myself from a life I felt I didn’t know anymore. And I purposely named my Instagram after my own name because it was for me, it is for me. I knew I was going to make it a city lifestyle Instagram filled with fashion, makeup, and my favorite place in the world, Chicago. So therefore, if people liked my “work” I wanted them to know Megan Noel Reilly did that. Not Decor S’more. I remember the night I created the new account I texted my friends in a group text and was like “I created a new Instagram, no it’s not fake, accept me” they all knew I was going to turn it into what I mentioned above. But each day I held back on my blog post and Instagram photos because I wanted to be in my new place in order to start posting. I can’t explain why besides the fact I’m weird as hell. But by golley gee, the minute I was moved in, the blog posts and Instagram photos just started naturally coming to me. No more forced photos and pics. This is all me…finally. And as some of y’all may read and think “is she really making a post about her reason for social media?” YES! Yes I am. Because I truly like social media. I think it’s a great platform and I feel I truly have a vision and a reason for it. 

This is what I need all of you to know. I make these posts for you. I’m hoping I can inspire and bring confindence out on everyone. Life can be real hard, and people can be reeeeeal $hittaaaay. So if I can on purpose change someone’s outlook, day, and all around vision for the better… why would I not? As my Aunt told me “if you can make someone else happy, why wouldn’t you?” Just reread that sentence in your mind right now. Why do we have such a hard time pleasing others? Think of all the times a stranger caught you off guard with a genuine comment like “oh wow that shirt looks great on you!” And you’re immediately walking away 10 feet taller and a smile stretching to the Atlantic Ocean. I mean unless you’re one of those people who are like “ew creep” then there is no saving you.  But in general we all love to be complimented, noticed, and given encouragement. So that’s exactly what I hope you all know. I write these blog posts for you to know “you’re not alone” “yes you are amazing” “this is how we fake it until we make it” & “nooooo that shirt is so 2008” 

So when I give out advice, no, I am no professional, but it’s what works for me, & hell I hope it works for you too! There are too many of us out there trying to figure out each other’s secrets to use against them. Well here. Here are all my secrets to hopefully make you all feel like Super Woman/ or Man! I’ve had so many girls hate on me for the way I look. Or because they think or thought my life is perfect & I have never had to struggle. Girls immediately start to whisper and judge me as I walk into a party or bar. I can’t tell you how many times I have been given the eyeroll and a giggle with their friends as I walked by…or my favorite when a girl tried kicking me off the stage in Nashville (mind you my bachelorette party) because I made her feel uncomfortable in my outfit choice. I guess.. high wasted pants and a crop top are Way too riskaaaaayyyyy. Sorry you decided to wear your grandmother’s table cloth for yours instead. Girls who have made me cry because they allowed no one to be my friend freshmen year of high school over a boy. I have had people tease me for years & years on my “bushy eyebrows” well who’s laughing now on that one….I have had girls constantly try to compete with me. And you know what… It is what is it. But that isn’t the point. It’s not about “oh poor Megan, what a hard life” it’s the farthest thing from that. But it’s from those experiences that has made me just feel ENOUGH IS ENOUGH.  I don’t want to be that girl. I don’t want to compete with anyone BUT myself anymore. I’m so sick of girls being girls. And that’s why I want to show you all how to own it. Even when there are people who are dying for you to fail. You know how many awesome beautiful woman I have seen struggle because of a man? That includes myself because I am soooo guilty for allowing a man to control my self worth. And you know what I hate most about that? I allowed a man to drop my confidence to where I started to hate on the girl. Not because she did anything. (Well unless she had all too much to do with it, then that’s different) But because I allowed him to let me think that way by giving him power over me. But those days are in the past. I want to empower people, mainly women because I feel we are way too hard on ourselves and of other women. I want to be your best friend, I want to be someone’s strength when they are way too hard on themselves. I want to be a woman who is motivating you instead of bringing you down. I want to be a woman who is cheering you on and not competing with you. I want to be the girl who teaches you to WIN. I want to be your go to girl on everything. So THIS IS WHY I am talking motivation, fashion, and makeup. Because THIIS is what I am good at. & THIS IS WHY I STARTED SHARING IT FOR THE WORLD. 

We all have gone through our own struggles to get where we are. I am letting you know. I’ve been through my own too. And I don’t care to apologize anymore for my over the top personality that never seems to shut her mouth about everything. I am who I am. And will teach you through my posts, pics, fashion, and makeup…. You shouldn’t either. 

Sincerely the girl who’s pinky’s are buring from holding my phone up as I write this post and listen to my husband & dogs snore, 




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