My most asked question…

Hey y’all! Happy Sunday-Night! 

Thee most frequent question I get…. “did you get lip injections?” Hahaha now as off putting as that question may be. I find it humorous and nice that people know my personality enough that I won’t take offense to it. Not only have they asked me…. they asked all my friends & family…”Has Megan gotten lip injections?” 

No! While I am not opposed to the idea, I stay away from that because I have seen to many bad ones where girls end up looking like they just have really long lips. 

Again I fully 100% own to over lining my lips and understand this post won’t pertain to everyone because it’s not their cup of tea. But if you’re like me, and love the look of big lips, and want them but don’t have them. Follow my lead. 

Since I was a little girl, I was over linning my lips. I would watch Selena, and then run to my Mamma’s make up drawer and take her “eye liner” and literally walk around with brown Linned lips. It made me so happy and to this day it has carried over and given me all the confidence. Even as kid,  I would be like “Mom I want big lips, I’m going to get lip injections!!” But what I have been doing for the past few years has been working wonders and so I’m sticking to my own thang. 

So what do I do? How do I get my lips to look the way they do? It’s called the art of overlining. But you can’t just overline with any old lip liner/lipstick. You MUST use a stain. & it’s best when the stain is almost a natural color to your lips. That way it’s hard to see where the lip ends and face skin starts. A stain is also best because it will stay on your lips all day or night. The art of over linning and the key to having it look as natural as possible is, having it last through all the food, drinks, & conversations you will have. 

Not only is a stain NEEDED for best results, but you can’t over line everywhere. You must only over line in certain areas to get the best results. Remember ladies we are faking it until we make it!! You basically want to over line in the V dip part on the upper lip. That will give you the button bow juicy lips, & will not have you looking ridiculous with super over lined lips. But again you don’t want to get super crazy because then it becomes obvious again. I would over line just a super tad around your lips but very, very minimal. And the trick is to then take the lip liner and rub that around your lips. So that way it’s hard for people to notice you’re over linning. 

I consider my lips as my signature. You can immediately tell when I do someone else’s and it’s what I have become known for. So if you like my tips throw a shout out to me that you used my tricks and love it. 😘


My time got away from me and I took a much needed nap tonight so the video was not able to be made. Below are the products I use. 

LIP LINER: it Cosmetics. Color- Romantic Rose
Lip Gloss: Bare minerals Color- Infanous 

**Both can be purchased at Ulta. 

In my video I will show you how to put the liner on, and how to deal with a Matte lip gloss as those can be tricky at times because they can really dry out your lips. 

Stay tuned as I have so much more to share on make up, & especially lips. But I at least wanted to get this out cause all you ladies have been asking, and I am trying to not disappoint. 

Sincerely the girl who dropped the ball by napping today, 

Xo Meg 

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