My own rules. 

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Hey To the people who actually read this, even if it’s 10 of you…. I hope you find my advice a wii bit helpful. Cause you know what, all we got is each other & hell let’s use our resources. 

Y’all I have moved back to the city, and this lil mamma feels unstoppable lately. I just feel like the luckiest, most grateful girl in the world because I am feeling 100% myself again. While this past year, y’all seen me struggle…. bad, with this constant feeling of needing reassurance, I’m in a place right now where I see nothing but my goals, and the people who mean the world to me. And I can’t wipe this smile off my face. This morning I put together a clothes rack from IKEA – solo. Right, right, I should be able to do that, but I’m a different breed, and after I did it, I felt I could conquer the world. I don’t get how I have friends and a mom who loves me unconditional. But thank gah, I do. So here’s EXACTLY how I feel lately, and my own words I’m living by. 


Y’all this one is major and what leads me to all my answers. If something inside is telling you something…listen. Because even though those pains could be a stomach ache, (omg I had too) they could really mean something isn’t right and you need to think deep what’s been weighing heavy on your mind. 100% there’s a reason you have that feeling. Trust it. Run with it. Follow it.


Omg literally. Just screw everyone and vocalize it. My biggest fear in life is I’ll miss out on my true potential. So you know what. I fail, I fail. I can’t worry about what everyone else wants for me. Or what everyone else will think of me. They will judge you no matter what. And honestly, give them something to talk about. Shock everyone with how awesome you can be. If “so & so” can do it… WHY CANT YOU?! Do big things. You weren’t meant to be average. But hey, if you like average. That’s also totally cool. 


I feel I can’t say that enough. I’m so sick of everyone wanting to be like everyone these days. We are all so much cooler when we don’t try so hard to be the person we are not. Trust me I learned that hardcore last year trying to be this suburban house wife. Ohhhhh lawwwwd. Again not bashing that. I just know that isn’t me, and it completely ruined me for an entire year. Don’t waste that time. Time is way too precious. 


As stated before, time is too precious, so why waste your time with negative energy? I’m still learning this, but when you surround yourself with people, places, & things that make you happy, you’ll feel “too blessed to be stressed” yeah I went there. For awhile I was getting sooo upset over these petty feelings and I am learning to look beyond that, and I’m telling you. It’s much greener where you water the grass. Surround yourself with beautiful things. Life has way too much to offer. Let that job, person, place go bring someone else down. You my darling are going places. 


I am a true believer that the quality of our relationships with people depends on our quality of life. You’re a much happier person when you’re in the right place with people. Your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, etc…. those relationships make or break us. Keep them close. Have a life full of love. 


Love is one thing in life that shouldn’t be half a$$ed. Give it your all. It’s one of the most magical things about life. & also love and respect our reasources  & animals more. We are too use to having everything at our convenience. Stop and realized what was sacrificed for us to have what we have. Be humble. Stay humble. But love like crazy. Stop wanting and needing more. Cheating is over rated, it’s so much more fun being faithful. Have morals. Have standards. It’s simple. 


Let me explain. Don’t give people a reason to talk of your name in a bad way. People will anyhow. So don’t give them anymore of a reason to say bad things. Let them only speak well of your name, even when you’re not around. & how will they do that? By being a good persons. You got this. 


Yes. That quote is everywhere right now. & it means such that. So many people are choosing to be competitive vs genuine these days. There’s a time and place for competitiveness. Friendships should never be one. I’m a girls girl. I got you if you got me. But don’t come for me. 

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I will stop there for now, because if I wrote much longer, people will start cashing out. Haha again I have no idea if you’ll hate my advice. But take from it what you wish. Just a Mamma’s girl figuring out life best I can. 

Sincerely, the girl who’s dog passed out on her right shoulder and it’s too heavy to keep writing this blog post. 

Xo Meg 


  1. Good job, Meg Monster. Be kind, be humble and remember; no matter how bad things get on ones journey they always, always get better.

    Love, Aunt Momo

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