Hit them with the plan Stan! 

It’s been months since I have last written anything… & here is why. Through this first year blogging process I must say I lost ambition, & my vision. I feel when I first started I rushed into everything to begin and didn’t know what I wanted per say. But now that I really am understanding who I am becoming & KNOW exactly what I want to do. I am fully ready to give 100% of myself to this. 

About a year ago my IG turned strictly into home decor. No pictures of anything else but that. Which I am sure of, caused my lack of ambition & upsetting days. I had tons of great photos stored in my phone and there I was “too nervy” to post them due to losing followers. Ew right? How annoying of me. You see, the home decor community is GREAT!!! BUUUUUT…. the minute you post one wrong photo, a selfie, or anything but home decor. UNFOLLOW. Hahaha it’s laughable now. This time around, I know what I want, & I know where I see my IG/blog/Dream headed. Therefore, if you don’t like it, please continue to unfollow. I felt I couldn’t keep up with everyone because my house wasn’t picture ready. I also realized my style is everything but farmhouse/rustic. That is so great if that’s what it is for you, but it’s not me. So note to yourselves…. you won’t see that here. I am girly, I am bright, I am unique, I am modern, I am fun, I am ME. I turn 26 on Christmas Eve, and YES… I want my age to show, because I would also say my style is young. It’s bold, & it’s sometimes risky. I want you all to see me transition through the years to come and watch how my style evolves. That’s the great thing about style, it’s forever changing, & never wrong. 

Going forward you will see me revamp my IG & Blog. More of a lifestyle blog, party planning… go too. I will always post my home decor because it is my passion. BUT since my home is not a race, I will be filling you with pictures of what goes on in my home, the people in my home, a lot more of myself (because I really do like me) & my animals. I realized that is my niche. That is what I am great at. Not waiting to post one picture every 3 weeks because my house isn’t picture worthy. That’s not me, & I feel I have not been able to show what I am really capable of, & who I really am. See I love IG, I love to write, I love to express myself, & I love to talk and share my life. As my mamma says diarrhea of the mouth over here. Oops.  So that’s EXACTLY what I plan to do, WITH A MAJOR TWIST. STAY TUNNED FOR THAT PART. Sharing the beauty in so many things. And teaching you how to share it too. But that’s enough for now. Can’t give away alllll my secrets… ♥️

As Dr. Seus has said “oh the places you’ll go” and I cannot wait to share my life with you all with a major new twist. 

With all the cotton candy clouds that fill the sky, 



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